Your one-stop shop for statistical information about Dubbo, it's community, economy and tourism.


A snapshot of the Dubbo population and demography
Quick trends on property market trends, urban 
release zones, land use maps and more 
Rates measure the number of people actively 
looking for a job as a percentage of the labour 
GRP is the net measure of wealth generated 
by the region 
Quarterly summaries of domestic and 
international travel data and tourism 
statistics for Dubbo
Estimated resident population (ERP) is a measure 
of population trends for the area 
For students, the public and policy makers to better 
understand the Dubbo region and its vibrant 
For business and industry; economic 
and demographic information on the Dubbo region 

More information

Contact Dubbo Regional Council's Economic Development Officer on:
02 6801 4000;
Contact Dubbo Regional Council's Duty Officer on:
02 6801 4000 
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